Saturday, March 5, 2011

Puppy Love...

    My cute little doggy Cassie <3... Just felt like putting up a random pic for a quick posting.! 
    Does anyone know where i could get a slightly fitted black playsuit right now? i have an outfit idea in my head of a black playsuit, ankle socks and peep toe heels, what do you guys think?? and any idea where i could find the play suit? it's driving me absolutely craaaazy looking for it! xxx


  1. I did a post on playsuits some time in February and I'm sure there was a nice black one! :)
    Check it out! I love playsuits too and that outfit idea sounds fab!! :) xxxx

  2. I will indeed :) Thank you! xox

  3. aww, that picture is soo cute(':
    Urrm maybe or somewhere like that for a playsuit'? I think i remember seeing some nice black ones on their website(: I'm trying to find a nice playsuit with a floral patteren on it at the moment..

    check out my blog and maybee follow'?(: 'xox

  4. Oh thank you :) i know my friend got a floral one in new look but it was a while ago! sure thing!xox

  5. I loved your blog ... .. blog will follow the love very kiss ..