Sunday, July 15, 2012

A summer staple- the denim waistcoat...

Something I've been seeing everywhere is the denim waistcoat, with many variations be it patterned, cropped or in a variety of colours. Instead of buying a new one however I cut the sleeves off two denim jackets I was bored of and it worked out perfectly. Crazily enough, I have gotten so much more wear out of these since I cut the sleeves off!

                               My two jackets are from H&M and New Look

The scissors gave the edging a rough finish but i kinda like the frayed  look.

They're so versatile as you can throw them on over pretty much anything- long or short sleeved tops, they make you feel less nakey over a crop-top and they can also make a dressy outfit look a lot more casual and laid back. 

Please excuse the cringe picture of me!

                  Here are a few of my favourite style icons rocking the look:

All of the gals are wearing the denim waistcoat in different ways but each look fab :) 


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  2. Hi,I'm Tatianna your newest follower! I love this post.I just bought my denim vest and I love it!
    XO Tatianna

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  4. I NEEEED to get one of these for my wardrobe!!!
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  5. Thanks for the support guys :) x

  6. wow! the wests looks so amazing and you are very sexy and pretty <3


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  9. hahaha i am loving that picture of you!

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  12. Love it, Im actually wearing one in todays blog post!

  13. aww.. like ur pic and look. I am a denim lover myself. You got a nice blog. :)

  14. this denim vests looks so cool!!!

  15. Following you back =) thanks for the lovely comment. I just bought a clear bubble umbrella from target for $8! Its super cute, can't wait to use it.

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