Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee has rocked the fashion world

Although it's not the norm for an Irish person to celebrate the Queen or other British holidays.. why not embrace it particularly when it has greatly influenced the fashion world. The Queen isn't exactly a modern day fashion icon but the wonderful world of fashion has celebrated her diamond jubilee. I actually met the queen yeeeears ago when I lived in London for a short time, I was only small, throwing a tantrum, crying for ice cream and don't really remember it properly but hey it's my claim to fame! haha!

Designers have gone into bling overload to celebrate the diamond jubilee... Sparkling silver tones and flashing diamonds are all over the catwalks this season. 

Designers like Ralph Lauren and Chanel had gowns full on dripping in sparkles. 

 Ralph Lauren Spring 2012

Other designers embraced the jubilee in other ways like Fendi with their silver foil eyeshadow look, very creative but I would not pull this look off!

Louis Vuitton celebrated the Queen with an imitation of a tiara, sure to make any girl look and feel like royalty! 

I love fashions celebration of the queen without going full on Union Jack on us! 
What do you think??


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  2. thanks you for sharing! such a beautiful post!

  3. The Louis Vuitton runway look was perfection x