Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cheap and Cheerful...

 Miners Cosmetics is my new favourite affordable makeup brand. The cute packaging caught my eye first, it looked so different from anything else i've seen, and then I noticed the price.. So affordable! Miners Cosmetics take inspiration from the latest trends but makes it affordable to young women. The Miners website provides make up tutorials and an 'ask the expert' section but more importantly you can purchase the makeup online, like the more expensive brands. 

I bought the blusher stick 'the cheek of it'  and I love it! 

This blusher stick is so handy as you can carry it around with you without worrying about it falling apart like some powder blushes. You also don't need to worry about carrying around a blusher brush either. I was also assured that this blusher will last, all for only 5 euro! This stick also comes in a bronzer and a highlighter... 

My other favourite was the 'love phat liner' eye liner, how cute is the wooden pencil! I really liked this pencil, and don't worry about it being too big, if you keep the pencil sharp it will create a thin line that you can always build up yourself.. this was also around the 5 euro marker.. perfect :)

My other Miners purchase was the 'Lash Curl' mascara, unfortunately this product wasn't as good as the others for me. It gave a very natural lash look whereas, as a mascara addict, I prefer lots of volume and length. However it kept it's promise as being a waterproof mascara. This product wasn't for me but maybe for a natural look :)

I think everyone should check out the miners website and all the other products, I guarantee you will be as impressed as I was.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taylor Swift Inspired

Anyone that knows me well knows I am obsessed with Taylor Swift. I love how her songs are so honest and real most young girls can relate to them and they can really help girls realise their not alone in their problems. She's such a good role model for young girls aaaand she's absolutely gorgeous too. She always looks elegant, comfortable and natural. I loved this J. Mendel dress she wore to the American Country Music awards:

This dress has such an edgy and modern take on the long white gown, plus the metallic detail  adds curves to a slightly more boy-ish frame. 

In my eyes the girl can do no wrong, but this really is my favourite look of hers.

" You are the best thing thats ever been mine" - Mine