Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Most Stylish Olympic Teams!

Everyone has Olympic fever at the moment. The opening ceremony was absolutely amazing, I loved watching all the athletes come out, so proud to be representing their country, I expected them all to be wearing trackies but no! All the athletes looked fab! Either in very smart suits or wearing clothing that was a reflection of their country. Here are some of my faves: 

The swedish team rocking their blue and yellows!

The Netherlands and Belgium looked so smart and colourful! 

I loved that the Indian athletes incorporated their traditional clothes. 

Team Germany looked super cool and casual.

I loved the Russian Athletes outfits and of course Maria Sharapova looked absolutely gorgeous!

And my favourite....

Team USA looked so chic and classy!! Loved the nautical look and they seemed to be having so much fun too!!

Not forgetting the Irish Athletes :) 

Which is your fave?? 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shoe Love

When you think of designer shoes you think of Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin or Alexander McQueen.

But a not so new designer with a modern and futuristic collection is big right now- Azzedine Alaia. Alaia has a new accessories range available on and the shoes are amazing!

The collection is really modern with metallic and laser-cut looks. 

What I really admire about this collection is that the shoes are really wearable and not wacky or slightly ridiculous looking.

It is really versatile with heels...



 and sandals...

Love all these shoes..

The good news is they are all half price!
The bad news is they are still so priiicey! 
All shoes are around the 500 euro marker... tear!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The cutest new model on the scene

Valentina Guerrero a ten month old baby, born with Down's Syndrome is the new face of  Dolores Cortes' new swim wear collection. The little cutie is the first person with Down's Syndrome to be the face of a big fashion campaign.. and she is doing such  a super job!

Not only is this raising awareness for Down's Syndrome but also widening the perception of beauty.

Little Valentina can give hope to other children with disabilities that they can achieve things they may deem as impossible. 

Too cute! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A summer staple- the denim waistcoat...

Something I've been seeing everywhere is the denim waistcoat, with many variations be it patterned, cropped or in a variety of colours. Instead of buying a new one however I cut the sleeves off two denim jackets I was bored of and it worked out perfectly. Crazily enough, I have gotten so much more wear out of these since I cut the sleeves off!

                               My two jackets are from H&M and New Look

The scissors gave the edging a rough finish but i kinda like the frayed  look.

They're so versatile as you can throw them on over pretty much anything- long or short sleeved tops, they make you feel less nakey over a crop-top and they can also make a dressy outfit look a lot more casual and laid back. 

Please excuse the cringe picture of me!

                  Here are a few of my favourite style icons rocking the look:

All of the gals are wearing the denim waistcoat in different ways but each look fab :)