Thursday, February 3, 2011

du printemps....

Its Spring, apparently, not outside my bedroom window though! Anyways... spring is the season i sometimes over look when it comes to certain styles. In winter i think knits and boots and summer is shorts and kaftans but spring is neither here nor there... until now that is! i absolutely LOVE the looks out right now, it's all quite girly but macho at the same time. i fell in love with a pair of braced boyfriend jeans which look really well contrasted with the cutest flower print pump trainers from penneys! i probably should upload a pic but i havent quite got the hang of that yet... all in good time! I love these Citizens of Humanity boyfriend jeans but my new look pair are pretty cool too and for a much cheaper price!  i just  prefer my penneys shoes though ;) These slouchy jeans add such a casual-ness to an outfit and are SO comfy, what more could you ask for <3

Also HEEEEY to my first and only follower Margaret! :)


  1. Hey this is really random but its orla that you modelled with at the LA open day! I saw you on The Style Strutters blog xx

  2. Hey Orla! that is random! your blog is so good, well done :) maybe sometime mine will compare! ha xox

  3. Love this! haha.
    maybe give my blog a look?