Friday, January 28, 2011

Fresh start

So ive decided to start blogging about all things i like, fashion, make up and friends and the things i like not so much school, studying and all things leaving cert related. Im not sure how well i'l do this but i'm going to give it a go! Any helpful tips will be greatly appreciated, be gentle though! I'll also get some help from my brilliant friends about all the wonderful things they specialise in- hair, make up, music... that kind of stuff.
I have got a serious case of the winter blues and cannot wait for summer, to be done with the exams and study and wear all the colourful, light sumer styles, especially platform sandals, which are far from light! Too bad I'm a head over everyone when i wear them. Anyone else with this catastrophic problem? Heres an amazing Pierre Hardy pair, i can feel the sun just looking at them! :)


  1. omg those shoes are unreal ! <3
    btw. good luck with blogging, I'm your first follower ! :)

  2. woah those shoes are crazy but awesome!
    follow me please (: