Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forgive me?

Remember me? Im so sorry iv neglected this blog so badly.. After a hectic school year I vowed I would improve this blog during the summer but then summer came and it was craaaazy! I was in Belgium on a youth exchange which was amazing, i met so many new people and made friends for life from countries like Greece and France. Then i took off to Tenerife on a girly holiday where we all had the time of our lives; sunning ourselves, partying and letting loose after a year of study. And then i had two debs or debutante balls.. where we all felt like princesses for a night! But now  this blog will get a lot more attention and i will really improve it, pinky promise! I think at this stage i owe you all a few pics from my ah-may-zing summer :) xoxo

  The Greek and Irish peeps outside a super tall art museum in Antwerp, Belgium.

 Myself in the chocolate museum... heaven!

 On the ''booze cruise'' in Tenerife... Madness

                                             ...and again :) 

            Sunning ourselves... oh i miss the sun!

    Me and all my beautiful friends before we set off for debs ball. My dress ( middle,light pink with a sort of tiered frill) was from Fran and Jane, i loved how pretty and girly it was and i was so relieved nobody had a dress like it! What do you guys think of all the dresses?? :) 

                        Me and the lovely Orla

 This was the night of my boyfriends, with my friends Kerry and Karen. 

     My dress here, from All Saints was much more plain and completely opposite to my pink one but i loved it all the same, especially the detail on the back:

I hope i didnt bore you with all my pics but at least now you know the reasons for my terrible neglection of this little blog of mine :) xoxo

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